WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer


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Brand WEN
Item Dimensions LxWxH 25.25 x 21.75 x 16 inches
Item Weight 66 Pounds
Style Refurbished 13-Inch (discontinued)
Base Material Cast Iron

About this item

  • Onboard material removal gauge informs users about the cutting depth of each pass
  • Plane boards up to 6 in. T and 13 in. W
  • 15 Amp motor generates 25,500 cuts per minute at a 26 ft. per minute feed rate
  • 3-blade design makes easy work out of even the hardest of woods
  • Fan-assisted dust port removes sawdust from workpiece

Tri-Roller Feeding System & Reversible Blades

The WEN Thickness Planer uses a tri-roller feeding system to help minimize snipe. The three dual-edged blades on the middle roller can be reversed to help elongate their life cycle and ensure sharp cuts.

Fine-Tune Depth Adjustments

Easily adjust the height of your planer with the comfortable rubber-grip adjustment handle. Each quarter rotation adjusts the height of the cutter head 1/64 of an inch for maximum precision during operation.

Infeed and Outfeed Tables

Foldable infeed and outfeed tables add support to longer workpieces traveling through the planer. Both tables can be adjusted to get the perfect angle for smoothly feeding boards for smoothly feeding boards and fighting snipe.

Dust Hose Connection Port

Attach a dust extraction device or a wet/dry vac to the handy 2 inch, 2-1/2 inch, or 4 inch fan-assisted dust port adapter to minimize cleanup. Keep all of the sawdust and shavings in one place instead of all over the workshop floor.

Product description

Style:Refurbished 13-Inch (discontinued)

Remember when you brought those old jagged boards back to life. The WEN 13 in. 3-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer repurposes rough and worn wood to give it an exceptionally smooth finish. The powerful 15 Amp motor provides over 25,500 cuts per minute at a 26 ft. per minute feed rate. Plane boards up to 13 in. W and 6 in. T with ease. The onboard planning gage helps inform users about the amount of material being removed during each pass. Combine that with the heavy-duty cast iron base for a sturdy planer that does not walk or wobble during operation. The handy depth adjustment knob varies each pass to take off anywhere from 0 in. to 3/32 in. of an inch. The fan-assisted dust port removes chips and sawdust from the workpiece and blasts them out of the way. This package also includes height-adjustable infeed and outfeed tables to limit snipe while providing extra support to your workpiece during planning. Easily mount the planer to a work surface or stand using the predrilled base holes. Repurpose old wood or make a set of boards flush with the WEN 13 in. 3-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer. And because its a WEN product, this planer comes backed by a nationwide network of skilled service technicians. Remember when your planer could handle even the hardest of woods. Remember WEN.

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