VacMaster VP220 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


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  • 12″ Seal Bar and Maintenance-Free Dry Pump
  • Keeps food fresh up to five times longer.
  • A double seal on each bag ensures a complete and lasting seal.
  • Customizable vacuum and seal methods offer a variety of packaging options
  • Vacuum package liquids and liquid-rich foods like fresh meats, soups, marinades, and stews.

Product description

With the help of the VP220, you will now be able to keep food fresh for longer in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry. The VP220 is efficient, reliable and easy to use with a dry maintenance-free machine pump. Plug it in and it’s ready to GO! Making it an essential part of any operation that needs to effectively remove air and extend freshness up to five times longer than traditional methods. The VP220 is a valuable tool used by home users that are serious hunters, fishermen, butchers, and even portioning for meal prep. It is also perfect for small restaurants, culinary institutions, and delicatessens. The VP220 accepts chamber pouches up to 12″x 15″ (W x L).

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