TEN-HIGH CO2 engrave Machine, 40W 300x400mm Laser Engraving Machine with Exhaust Fan USB Port


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Brand Ten-high
Item Dimensions LxWxH 31.89 x 24.02 x 16.14 inches
Color Standard Version, Orange
Power Source Ac
Number of Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

About this item

  • ★ Engraving Area: 400x300mm, Suitable for engraving on most organics or NON-metal materials such as acrylic, Plywood, Density board, Leather, Wood, Double color plate, Glass, Cloth, Bamboo, Paper etc.
  • ★ Compatible with WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 system, 32-bit system is the most stable, also suitable for 64-bit. Software: Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER & Seal Design Software LaserDRW (included). Compatible with CorelDraw (NOT included).
  • ★ Pre-installed rotary axis interface and rotary axis switch (This machine Not Include rotary axis), easily extend to rotary engraving. Equipped with an effective ventilation fan for exhaust smoke, and also has the accessories Exhaust pipe. The cooling water temperature is always displayed, safe and convenient. Build-in Electric Lift-platform, One-button control. Red light positioning system, accurate and efficient.
  • ★ To make sure choosing an appropriate machine, before placing order, it’s better to confirm some details with us, such as the main usage of buying the machine, working material, working effect, voltage of your country and any special needs, etc. (For cutting, we suggest to use machine above 60W.)

Usage Tips:


  • This machine cannot engrave any metal. It can only engrave the anodized coating / non-metal surfaces).
  • There are two software can be used to drive the machine, Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER & Seal Design Software LaserDRW, which we all offer to our customers.
  • 1. When use CorelLASER to drive the machine, you should installed the CorelDRAW first, because the CorelLASER is a laser engraving plug-in that plugs into CorelDRAW, So you can only start the CorelLASER after installing CorelDRAW. With this plugin, you can design graphics directly with CorelDRAW and engraving and cutting directly in CorelDRAW. We only provide the Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER, Don’t provide the drawing software CorelDRAW, so make sure that you have installed the right version CorelDRAW (the CorelDRAW 11, 12, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 version all are available). Otherwise, you will not be able to use the CorelLASER drive engraving machine.
  • 2. If you don’t have the right CorelDRAW software version, you can use LaserDRW we provided to drive our machine, but you need to making bitmaps in other packages and importing them into the LaserDRW software. In LaserDRW, you can directly open image files with extensions such as bmp, dib, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, wmf, emf, pcx, tif, tiff, etc.
  • Make sure the bitmaps are of high resolution if you’re to use bitmaps, otherwise the patterns to be engraved might be vague.
  • The quality of patterns to be engraved depends on a lot of factors: engraving speed, laser power, current amperage etc., all of which should be set correctly.


  • Communication Interface: USB port; Laser Type: CO2 Gas;
  • Engraving Area: 400x300mm; Laser Power: 40W;
  • Automatic lifting height: 150mm; Cutting/Engraving accuracy: 0.15mm;
  • Engraving Speed: 0-500mm/s; Cutting Speed: 0-30mm/s;
  • Carving Depth: 0-2mm (Depend on the material); Resolution: Up to 1000 dpi;
  • Cutting thickness: 0-4mm (Acrylic), 0-2mm (hardwood such as Oak, mahogany), 0-3mm (cork such as plywood, plywood, composite board) (Depend on the material);
  • Software: Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER & Seal Design Software LaserDRW;
  • Compatible operating systems: WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 32-bit system is the most stable, also suitable for 64-bit;
  • Working temperature: 5 – 40℃, Working humidity: 5% – 95% without condensed steam;
  • Machine size: 810 * 610 * 410mm; Net Weight: 50kg;


  • Please note the voltage you request, if not specified, we will send the local voltage of your destination.
  • If you are not sure if the machine meets your needs, please ask online service. And in order to make sure you have bought the right machine, please tell us the type of material you need to engraving or cutting as well as the patterns after you ordering. We will make samples using the machine that you ordered. and send you the pictures or video of the samples, then you can confirm if the machine meet your requierments. This is very important! We don‘t want our customers to lose money and time when they receive the machine.
  • Electric automatic lifting system, convenient and efficient, easy to operate;
  • Red-light positioning system, once positioned successfully, positioning is visible, accurate and efficient;
  • AIR ASSIST – A Blowing Flame retardant system is used to prevent burning during engraving working, industrial-grade Precision metal mold laser head, adjustable laser energy, wear-resistance, heat resistance;
  • Adjustable laser power, stable output, powerful power and variety of choices, Temperature control display, the cooling water Temperature is always displayed, safe and convenient. Visual Operation Panel, Simple buttons, digital display, and Visual operation;
  • Leading brand laser tube has high quality, reliable performance and durability;
  • Safety water valve – A water shutoff protection valve is installed, when the water cut protection function is turned on, the laser will be interrupted to protect safety using;
  • Equipped with High-power Axial Fan, Excellent suction effect, high speed, low noise, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation treatment, with an accessories Exhaust pipe, so that the smoke of the machine can be blown into a standard chimney hole in the wall;
  • With two Socket holes on the back of the machine, which can be directly plugged with the water pump and the air pump power plug.
  • Pre-installed Rotary Port and Rotary switch, Easily extend to rotary engraving.

Typical Consumables replacement parameters:

  • Laser Tube: 40W Length 700mm Diameter 50mm
  • Focal Lens: Diameter 18mm / focal length 50.8mm
  • Reflection Mirror: Molybdenum Mirror 20mm


Attention: This items can only engraving on plane surface. If you want to engrave on curved, rounded or spherical surfaces, you will need to add an extra rotary axis. We also provide separate rotary axis or machine that equipped with a rotary axis. You can contact online.

Application: seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy, building upholster, computerized embroidery, packing, printing, paper product, garments sampling, etc.

Engraving Materials:

—Matched: Acrylic, Plywood, Density board, Solid wood, PVC, Leather, Glass, Double color plate, Plastic, Silica gel, Ox horn, Felt, Resin, etc, All non-metal materials.

—Not apply to metal: Can’t engraving metal, Only engrave the coat of paint on the metals.



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