Queen Firm Mattress Gold River Collection


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Manufacturer Diamond Mattress
Mattress Size Queen
Mattress Type Latex
Comfort Level Firm
Features Cooling technology
Comfort Zone Natural Latex is an environmentally friendly material that is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and extremely breathable while providing a buoyant, weightless feel.
Comfort Layers Graphene infused memory foam regulates temperature for deeper sleep by drawing excess heat away from your body while absorbing pressure so you can sleep undisturbed without tossing and turning.
Top Advance Phase Changing Material technology acts as a sponge absorbing and moving heat away from your body to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable.
Coil Count 900 in queen
Coils and Support 9-series coil system: extra support and added conform-ability for proper spinal alignment and no matter transfer. Tri zoned for back support.
Warranty 20 year
Origin Made In the USA


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