OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver and Cutter, 24×35 Inch Laser Engraving Cutting Etching Marking Machine with Red Dot Pointer Autofocus Auto Lift Workbed Ruida Controls More for Home Office DIY(AF2435-80)


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  • PREMIUM 80W TUBE: This 80W laser engraving and cutting machine by OMTech comes with a high-performance CO2 tube to engrave your designs even more quickly, clearly, and deeply into wood, paper and cardboard, plastics and acrylic, leather and fabric, and a wide range of other nonmetallic materials
  • MOTORIZED WORKBED & AUTOFOCUS: This OMTech laser cutter offers a wide 24×35 inch workspace made even more useful by the machine’s automatic focusing, honeycomb and knife blade engraving platforms, 4 wide pass-through doors, and motorized bed, which eliminates tedious manual adjustment and speeds up your production
  • RUIDA DIGITAL CONTROLS: The Ruida panel for this laser engraver features advanced functions to realize your sophisticated engravings perfectly; its convenient LCD screen provides complete control over the laser marking process and a Windows-compatible edition of RDWorks v8 comes included for easy precision work
  • SAFE & EASY OPERATION: A digital laser power supply provides sure and easily monitored operation for your tube’s expected 8000-hour life; password & key protection prevents unauthorized use; the wide viewing cover includes tinted eye protection and automatically cuts power when opened; a built-in air assist quickly blows away smoke, dust, and spark to protect the laser lenses and reflective mirrors, and a large-capacity bin collects debris as you work
  • SUPPORT & SERVICE: Order this OMTech laser engraver with your peace of mind assured thanks to its fast US-based shipping; its strong 2 year warranty (1 year for the tube & power supply); and our helpful customer service and tech support, available weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm PST

Bring your ideas to life with OMTech’s laser engraver series!

This powerful 80W CO2 laser engraver continues to uphold our high standards with its Ruida control panel, bundled RDWorks 8 software, long-lasting laser tube, wide 24×35 inch working area, and 4 pass-through doors that allow even larger pieces to be worked on. This laser cutting and engraving machine provides dual work platforms: a honeycomb bed for smaller objects and a firmer aluminum knife blade bed for larger, harder substrates like acrylic blocks. This engraver is able to automatically focus the laser at the push of a button and its 86 stepper motor raiser and lowers either workbed at the push of a button, making your work even more convenient and efficient. In addition to high quality, durability, and the usual long service life, this laser cutter is also very practical, with a built-in air assist blowing dust and debris away from the laser head and into the large-capacity hopper below for easy cleanup at the end of the day. Compatible with most third-party graphic software, this laser cutter allows you to turn your fresh ideas into reality on a large scale. Simply upload your designs using the included software or via the Ethernet or USB ports, choose your substrate, and the laser will engrave and cut your design into wood, paper and cardboard, plastics and acrylic, leather, fabric, and other nonmetallic materials with pinpoint precision.

With OMTech’s careful engineering, quality materials & assembly, and good name, you can do no better for all your marking, engraving, and cutting projects at home or in your workshop.

Product Information

Power 80W
Software Ruida DSP Control System
Engraving Speed 0-23.62 in/s
Engraving/Cutting Thickness 0-0.39″(depending on materials)
Electric Lift Platform Enabled
Data Transfer Interface Flash Drive, USB to PC, Ethernet to PC & Offline Capabilities
Machine Dimensions 56.69″ X 42.13″ X 37.8″
Working Size 24″ X 35″
Compatible System Windows, Mac OS if you use LightBurn software (not included)
Cutting Speed 0-15.75 in/s
Lift Table 0-5.9″
Debris Collection System Enabled
4 Pass-Through Doors Enabled
Supported Graphic Format HPGL; BMP; GIF; JPG; JPEG; DXF; DST; AI; etc


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