Napoleon Travel Q Series TQ285XBL1 20 Inch TRAVELQ™ 2855X Portable Grill with Scissor Cart, Dual Stainless Steel Burner


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Napoleon 20 Inch TRAVELQ™ 2855X Propane Gas Portable Grill with Scissor Cart
The Napoleon Portable Grill with Scissor Cart leads the way with innovation and quality making it an ideal option for the barbecue-on-the-go. This portable grill provides 285 square inches of grilling area with a 12,000 BTU capability. It features significant features such as all-terrain wheels, compact storage, cast iron cooking grids, side racks with integrated towel and utensil holders, easy grease tray access, and dual burners. The two burners provide precise heat for indirect grilling and smoking, or high heat searing and is ideal for cooking small chickens or roasts thanks to a cast aluminum lid. This grill utilizes 1 pound propane canisters and includes a conversion kit for 20 pounds. With its uniquely designed handle that allows one-hand portability and folding legs for compact storage, it is the ideal grill for camping, boating or any outdoor activity with limited space.

About Napoleon Grills
Napoleon Gourmet Grills, a leader in manufacturing technology offering mid to high-end gas grills enjoys high brand name recognition in North America. They manufacture an extensive variety of grills offering the most recent technology patented features and innovative designs to supply mainly the North American market but also export to markets worldwide. Their gas grill lines stand out with such features as ceramic infrared burners, Life Ease roll top lids, matching lid and Contour door, electronic ignition, Wave cooking grids.


Features & Performance
Fuel Type:
On Cart
Main Burner Configuration:
All Conventional
Number of Burner:
2 Stainless Steel Burners
Grilling Area:
285 sq. in.
Total Output:
12,000 BTUs
Grill Dimensions
Assembled Size Grill Width:
44 1/4″
Assembled Size Grill Depth:
20 1/4″
Assembled Size Grill Height:
38 3/4″
Folded Size Grill Width:
42 3/4″
Folded Size Grill Depth:
20 1/4″
Folded Size Grill Height:


Scissor Cart
  • Ultimate Portability. Folding scissor cart is compact and folds in seconds with a simple motion.
Dual Stainless Steel Burner
  • Cook using direct heat or indirect heat for gourmet grilling on the go.
Instant Jetfire Ignition
  • This innovative and easy to use ignition system shoots a jet of flame to light each gas burner individually for quick
Porcelain Iron Cooking Grids
  • Porcelainized to resist rust, these iconic wave-shaped grids provide even heat transfer and a great sear.
Side Shelves
  • This stand adds extra storage for tools and a convenient towel holder.
Ergonomic Control Knobs
  • Ergonomically shaped knobs provide smooth temperature control.
Hangs For Storage
  • Save space by hanging this portable grill off the ground when storing.
Aluminum Lid
  • Extra height for grilling larger cuts of meat.
Aluminum Grease Tray
  • Effortlessly remove and clean the grease tray located under the grill.
Accu-probe Temperature Gauge
  • Accurately gauges the temperature of your grill for optimal temperature control when BBQing.


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