Living Room Vendome Sofa With 3 Pillows


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Creating an elegant and traditional design in living room, the Versailles sofa set is your ideal choice. Seating in a crescent environment and feeling like royalty, you can be more convenient to enjoy the family time or play with your friends. Additionally, combining with the two accent chairs and the circular design, this collection sofa set will have more room for family or friends and will create you warmer, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere both with cherry or bone white finishes!

Length 96″ (243.8 cm)

Width 42″ (106.7 cm)

Height 51″ (129.5 cm)

Weight 209 lb (94 kg)

Carton Width 43 (109.2 cm)

Carton Height 52 (132.1 cm)

Carton Weight 212 lb (95.4 kg)

Carton Length 98″ (248.9 cm)

Specifications CASE: 1Pc/1Ctn/85’/212Lbs.



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