JennAir Noir 24 Inch Fully Integrated Smart Dishwasher with 14 Place Setting Capacity, 7 Wash Cycles, 38 dBA Noise Level


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24 Inch Fully Integrated Smart Dishwasher with 14 Place Setting Capacity
Inside, a storm rages, as relentless power and technology bring every dish and glass to a state of refined clean. Outside, tranquility, with sleek lines wrapped in high design. Experiential ease. Tech connected. This is the quietest luxury dishwasher brand-period.

About JennAir
JennAir makes luxury kitchen appliances known for its sophisticated design, innovative technology, and exceptional performance. JennAir first became known for creating the legendary downdraft cooktop in 1961, as well as for bringing convection cooking into the home. JennAir now makes appliances for the entire kitchen, from powerful professional-style ranges to stylish built-in refrigerators. JennAir appliances offer you unprecedented performance as you cook and entertain. JennAir built-in refrigerators have been ranked #1 for the past four years running.


Additional Specifications
Dishwasher Type:
Decibel Level:
38 dBA
Door Style:
Detergent and Rinse Aid
Wash Levels:
Wash Arms:
Water Softener:
Interior Light:
Stainless Steel Tall Tub:
Wash System:
Rack Material:
Cushion Tip Tines:
Cup Shelf:
Stemware Holder:
Fold-Down Tines:
Automatic Temperature Controls:
Last Recall Cycle:
Control Sensor:
Amazon Alexa:
Google Assistant:
JennAir App:
UL Certification:
ADA Compliant:
CEE Tier:
Tier I
Prop 65:
NSF® Certified:
Parts & Labor:
2 Years Limited
Parts(Dish Racks, Wash System, Motor, Controls, Heating Element):
5 Years
Parts(Stainless Tub and Door Liner):
Limited Lifetime
Electrical Specifications
120 V
60 Hz
15 A
Direct Wire Type:
Copper Only
Annual Energy Usage:
270 kWh
Dimensions & Weights
23 7/8 Inches
33 1/2 Inches
Depth without Handles:
26 1/2 Inches
Depth with Handles:
28 5/8 Inches
Cutout Width:
24 Inches
Cutout Depth:
24 Inches
Cutout Height:
34 Inches


Remote Access
  • Remote start. Cycle monitoring. Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and control your dishwasher from anywhere. Even download custom wash cycles directly to your appliance. Tap and swipe on both iOS and Android devices.
Smart Integration
  • Use voice commands with an Alexa-enabled device or the Google Assistant for a fluid experience. The Nest Learning Thermostat® anticipates needs across the kitchen, sensing when your home is unoccupied and providing cycle alerts.
TriFecta™ Wash System
  • No need to choose between brilliant cleaning, energy efficiency or quiet operation because our dishwashers deliver all three. Three-stage filtration, pressurized wash arms and alternating wash action in two zones work together.
38 dBA Tranquility
  • Listen to the hush. At 38 dBA, JennAir is the quietest luxury dishwasher brand, all without sacrificing performance.
Removable 3rd-Level Rack with RollerGlide™ Rails
  • From spatulas or whisks to ladles, this removable, top most rack holds difficult-to-place items. Also can be used for overflow silverware.
Lower Rack with UltraGlide Rails
  • A premium system with a strong, stable and adjustable lower rack that glides smoothly on high-end rails, each featuring 52 ball bearings.
Daring Obsidian Racks
  • A JennAir® signature, this dramatic, industry-exclusive black finish is inspired by the beauty of volcanic glass-showcasing clean dishes in striking contrast.
Cinematic Lighting
  • Shine a spotlight on clean. LED theater lighting ramps up to full intensity to chase away shadows and illuminate the daring Obsidian racks.
SuperiorGlide Upper Rack
  • Strong and stable. The upper rack glides smoothly and quietly, even when fully loaded. Each rail features 52 ball bearings for quiet operation.
Fold-Away™ Tines
  • Hinged tines allow space reconfiguration to handle uncommon cookware on special occasions or adapt to the every day.
Flexible Capacity
  • Intimate affairs. Wild soirees. Enough capacity for a service of 14 means there’s always room for one more.
Concealed Controls
  • Hidden, touch-activated controls sit flush on the door’s top for a seamless expression that blends with your kitchen.
3-Stage Filtration
  • A coarse filter, large filter screen and bottomless fine filter cup keep oversized and fine food particles out of the pump and prevent them from being recirculated onto dishware.
Silverware Basket with Sliding Covers
  • Accommodating a variety of sizes of silverware, this basket has places to hold chopsticks securely and features sliding covers so you can easily add kitchen utensils to the load of dishes.
Stainless Steel Spray Arms
  • Four pressure-optimizing stainless steel wash arms deliver powerful cleaning spray to cookware and dishes, cleaning them effectively.
ClearScan™ Sensor Cycle
  • A selectable cycle-our most advanced and versatile-that calibrates your dishwasher to use the optimal wash cycle to clean your dishes based on load size and soil level.
Precision Dry® Plus Option
  • Never settle for the default option. Abandon air dry only for active drying that evenly dries with heat and a fan.
1-Hour Wash Cycle
  • A wash cycle for dishes with light soil. The number of fills is reduced, allowing the cycle to be completed in about one-third the time of the Normal Wash cycle (not including drying time).
Top Rack Wash Option
  • This selectable option washes dishes on the top rack only and can be used with any wash cycle.
Bottom Rack Wash Option
  • This selectable option washes dishes on the bottom rack only and can be used with any wash cycle.
Cookware/Bakeware Cycle
  • The Cookware/Bakeware cycle uses the maximum amount of water and heating time for heavily soiled pots, pans, baking dishes and regular tableware.
Crystal Cycle
  • A selectable wash cycle that gently cleans lightly soiled or delicate items by repeatedly pausing the wash action during the cycle.
Hi-Temp Wash Option
  • The Hi-Temp wash option provides increased water temperature during washing for hard-to-remove soils
Refresh Cycle
  • Pre-rinse dishes without detergent when you’re not planning to immediately run a full wash load. Or, refresh clean dishes before guests arrive.
Sanitize Rinse Option
  • When selected, the final rinse water is heated to 155°F (68.3°C), eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria, meeting national requirements for household sanitization.
Normal Tableware Cycle
  • A cycle that is used for normal amounts of food soil. The energy-usage label is based on this cycle.
SteamFinish Option
  • A selectable option that helps your stemware glisten by boosting the rinse temperature in the final rinse cycle.
On-Demand Experts
  • Connect with the JennAir Epicenter through chat, email, or call to tap into the brilliant minds of experts who know JennAir® appliances inside and out. Receive diagnostic codes on the app and they’ll deploy service targeted to your range’s best interest.
Monthly Reports
  • Receive comprehensive insights on the status and behavior of your dishwasher, month to month, infused with inspiration curated to complement the way you live.
1 to 24-Hour Delay Start Option
  • Postpone the start of your wash cycle in one-hour increments for up to 24 hours. Start your wash cycle on your terms.
Auto Reorder
  • Automatically order dishwashing supplies when you’re running low by syncing your JennAir® app with your Amazon account. The dishwasher estimates the amount you have left and targets the right time to order necessities like detergent.
Custom Cycles
  • Select custom specialty wash cycles from the JennAir® app tailored to your lifestyle. Select from Gentle, Heavy, Specialty Items, Sanitize Wash or Quick Wash and download directly to your dishwasher.
Kosher Friendly Mode (App Only)
  • Enables the dishwasher to act in accordance with requirements for use during the Sabbath and religious holidays.


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