INTBUYING U3 Grinder Sharpener R8 Collect Universal Multi-functional Cutter for End Mill Drill Bit Lathe Tool 220V


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Material Metal
Style R8 Collect with Accessories
Voltage 220 Volts

About this item

  • 【Scope of Application】 The bench grinder is used for grindering. Suitable for different kind of cutters, such as drill bit, lathe bit,end mill by using different acceories.Suitable for cutting edge milling machine, cutting plotter, line cutting machine, computer engraving machine, marking machine, etc.
  • 【Good Performance】High grinding precision, flexible rotating parts, low vibration and low noise. The tool holder part is equipped with bearings and is wear-resistant.
  • 【Save Cost】The grinding indexing head can be operated in a variety of positions to facilitate grinding any angle and shape, realize the multi-purpose function of one machine, and save costs for companies with multiple tool repair needs.
  • 【Main Accessories】1. 5 types R8 Collects:0.15”=4mm, 0.2”=6mm, 0.3”=8mm, 0.4”=10mm, 0.5”=12mm;2.White steel grinding wheel: suitable for grinding high-speed steel tools.3.Alloy grinding wheel: suitable for grinding tungsten steel and carbide milling cutters.
  • 【Parameter】Grinding Dia.:ф0-100mm(0-3.94″);Taper Angle:0°-180°;Relief Angle:0°-45°;Negative Angle:0°-26°;Grinding Spindle;5200r.p.m.;Cup grinding wheel:100x50x20mm(3.9*2.0*0.8″).


1. Concise and easy, and grind out in a straight line.

2. Strength increase, increase the service life of blade and processing capacity.

3. High grinding accuracy, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, novel structure, flexible the rotating parts, low noise, small vibration, tool post part bearing, durable, wear-resisting,

4. All kinds of diameters, shapes, Angles of the carving knife according to the proportion of engraving corresponding grinding.


5 types R8 Collects 0.15”=4mm, 0.2”=6mm, 0.3”=8mm, 0.4”=10mm, 0.5”=12mm.
Grinding Dia. ф0-100mm(0-3.94″)
Motor 220V/50HZ
Taper Angle 0°-180°
Relief Angle 0°-45°
N-egative Angle 0°-26°
Grinding Spindle 5200r.p.m.
Cup grinding wheel 100x50x20mm(3.9*2.0*0.8″)
Net Weight 99LB(45kg)


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