IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner – Drivers License and Passport Age Verification & Customer Management + Charger Cradle, Hand Strap & More.


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Brand TokenWorks
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, 4G and USB

About this item

  • TokenWorks IDVisor Smart V2 reads Passports & IDs from all 50 states, Canadian provinces, and their Military IDs. Fast operation – 1 second per scan. 12+ hour battery operation, 350+ standby time. LIFETIME SOFTWARE UPDATES and complimentary US-based phone/email support
  • Calculates Age Automatically – Intuitive Icons, Vibration & Human voice warnings. Notifications for Underage & Expired ID; Pop-Up alerts for Underage, Passback (Looping), Tagged. Challenge questions (Zodiac sign, state capital/motto, area code etc), customizable age verification for Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis & Gambling depending on the jurisdiction.
  • VIP/Banned Software – Tag customers with custom categories, add notes such as “VIP, banned started a fight, owes money, etc”. 6 expiration. FIND MY DEVICE- Through GPS locate your scanner, lock/erase its data remotely and see the scanner on Google Maps
  • This is Age Verification Scanner, For a Fake ID Scanner – Enter “Fake ID” in Question & Answers Section Below. Two (2) Photos per record ( ID and person). Saves over 50,000 customers with two(2) free photos with an 8mp Camera for each record..

Product Description

The IDVisor Smart is TokenWorks’s Android based Age Verification ID Scanner incorporating over fifteen years of drivers license scanning experience. The product sets new milestones in price/performance ratio and durability with features such as large intuitive color touch screen display, verbal or audible warnings, customer visit counters, on-screen reporting, customer relationship management features like tagging (VIP/Banned), email and phone capture and advanced database management features.

An intuitive responsive 4” capacitive touch screen making it very easy to see even in direct sunlight. We continue to offer intuitive icons for Alcohol and Tobacco plus a speaker provides provide human voice warnings for underage, ID Expired, Birthday, ID Reused, and ID Tagged events. There are also computer generated warning sounds for those who don’t like voice warnings. Both are designed to complement the visual warnings designed to make it virtually impossible for an employee to mistakenly serve a minor.

The IDVisor Smart is ideal for bars, night clubs, member clubs or any business checking customer age that require a mobile solution ID Scanning solution. It quickly reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 US States, Canada and Military IDs while maintaining a customer relationship management database.

Rechargable Battery Lasts All Night

Long Lasting Replaceable Li-Ion Battery

Removable 4000 mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery will easily last all night. In our testing, scanning 4 times per minute (No venues can scan IDs at a rate of 4 per minute), with WiFi on and the LCD on brightness setting at medium, it scanned 2677 IDs in 11 hours. Clients are amazed how long the battery lasts.

See, Hear and Feel Warnings

Color Coded Warnings, Talking Warnings, Vibration

The IDVisor Smart makes it almost impossible to miss a warning. Earlier generation scanners with monochrome displays simply showed the ID’s calculated age, which could be misinterpreted by tired employees. This scanner displays the calculated age and then updates color coded icons, a color coded status message, sounds an audible alarm and vibrates, making almost impossible to overlook a problem ID.

  • One or Two Age Icons turn Green or Red
  • Status Message is Green Red or Yellow
  • Talking Warnings or Audible Warnings with Volume control
  • Vibrates on Warning Events – Feel the Warning

Water and Dust Seal

IP56 Rating – Sealed Against Water and Dust

Bars are wet locations and things behind the bar or at the door will get wet. This scanner is IP56 rated which means you can spray it with a hose and it works in the rain / snow or sleet. The IP56 rating states:

  • Protection for the enclosed equipment from dust and other materials such as dirt, oils and non-corrosives. Small quantities of dust can enter the enclosure, but the quantity of dust cannot impact the operation of the equipment.
  • Protection from voltage and moving parts for people who come in contact with the enclosure
  • Protection from splashing water, hose-driven water, rain, sleet, snow and corrosion.

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