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Taking the expected design elements of hard contemporary and putting a decidedly feminine curve into the mix make the Lyric Collection a unique addition to your new bedroom design. With each curve comes a new twist, while a round, contemporary mirror reflects the modern designs that you have selected.

Width 47 3/4″ (121.3 cm)

Depth 1″ (2.5 cm)

Height 38 1/4″ (97.2 cm)

Weight 30 lb (13.5 kg)

Carton Width 51 (129.5 cm)

Carton Depth 40.75 (103.5 cm)

Carton Height 3.25 (8.3 cm)

Carton Volume 3.9087 cu ft (0.1 m3)

Carton Weight 35 lb (15.8 kg)



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