DCS DCSOP4F1 30 Inch Built-In Grill Package Natural Gas, No Rotisserie


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30″ Built-in Grill with 50,000 Total BTUs
DCS Outdoor Grills are simply the most advanced grilling system available for on-cart or built in applications. DCS Combines the latest grilling technology and innovation to deliver the ultimate in outdoor cooking performance and control. Every DCS grill is handcrafted and constructed entirely of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel. With ceramic rod technology this grill provides even heat across the entire cooking surface, eliminating hot and cold spots.About DCS
What do you get when you match style with performance A kitchen to die for! DCS appliances have a long and proud history of making top quality, commercial grade kitchen appliances for professional chefs and, more recently, for home chefs too. The result is brilliantly engineered indoor and outdoor appliances that deliver elegance, durability, performance and a high degree of functionality – just the ingredients that today’s chef demands! Not only are DCS appliances the real deal, they also make a bold statement in your outdoor kitchen. The polished stainless steel welds provide a seamless finish and the hand crafted design creates an air of quiet strength and confidence, backed up by precise controls that keep you in charge of every aspect – from food storage and preparation, right through to clean-up. DCS appliances. Proof that you don’t need to be a chef in order to cook like one.


Total Cooking Area:
748 Sq. In.
Grill Area:
553 Sq. In.
Warming Rack Area:
195 Sq. In.
Number of Grill Burners:
Burner Output:
25,000 BTU
One Step Direct Burner Ignition:
304 Series Stainless Steel
Control Type:
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Width:
Overall Depth:
26 1/2″
Overall Height:
24 1/4″
Cutout Width:
28 1/2″
Cutout Depth:
22 3/4″
Cutout Height:
10 1/8″
Shipping Weight:
185 Lbs.


Full Surface Searing
  • A combination of precision ported stainless steel burners, ceramic radiant rods and heavy gauge stainless steel burner box construction ensure precise, even searing temperatures across the entire surface
Direct Burner Ignition
  • DCS grills include an ergonomic ignition solution, where burners are lit directly from the corresponding knobs, eliminating the need for a surface ignition button
Stainless Steel Burners
  • The precision ported U-shaped stainless steel burners are rated at a massive 25,000 BTU/hr each, offering premium quality and performance. A heat shield directs heat upwards maximizing heating efficiency
Ceramic Radiant Technology
  • An entire layer of ceramic rods is placed between burners and grill grate. These provide intense yet even heat, meaning you are cooking with controlled heat rather than direct fire
  • On DCS grills there is little variance in temperature zones and the total grilling surface is very consistent
Drip Pan
  • DCS grills feature a removable drip pan, conveniently located in a slide-out tray to allow for easy cleaning


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