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Brand ChickenGuard
Item Dimensions LxWxH 24 x 3 x 16 inches
Material Oak
Number of Doors 1

About this item

  • High quality product by ChickenGuard built to military grade standards in Great Britain. Electronics enclosed in weather proof casing and FULLY encapsulated in epoxy resin, Our ‘Extreme’ unit will withstand the elements in the harshest of environments – extreme heat or cold.
  • Easy to use – Integrated fully featured LCD screen. Open in the morning & close in the evening automatically by setting the timer or using the easily adjusted (LUX) Light Sensor. ChickenGuard automatic door openers save you getting up in the morning and protect your chickens from predators. Simply press the button if you wish to open & close manually
  • Simple to Setup & low maintenance. – All in one design, no complicated wiring or cabling. Attach the unit to your Chicken coop, connect the cord to the door and you’re ready to go. Supplied with a highly durable cord with a breaking strain of 25kg or 50lbs. Runs on 4 x AA alkaline batteries (included).
  • Long battery life & Low battery warning. Door closed indicator light visible up to 100 metres away. Over 130,000 users worldwide trust ChickenGuard to keep their chickens safe. Full Instruction booklet included. No quibble 3 years manufacturer guarantee
  • ChickenGuard Classic Door Kit. Laser cut Aluminium door, high quality, strong & durable white oak runners will last 8 – 10 years without treatment. Door 30cm x 40cm / 12inch x 16inch – Oak Runner Length: 60cm / 24inch

ChickenGuard Extreme:


  • Are you tired of rushing to the coop at the crack of dawn to let your hens out?
  • Are you sick of getting soaking wet on winter nights to lock your chickens in their coop?
  • Have you had enough with poorly crafted coop door openers that give you a headache in the installation?


ChickenGuard has released an advanced technology chicken door opener for your peace of mind and your poultry safety! The timer & easy controls blend to give you a reliable, durable and highly convenient automatic chicken door opener.

Expertly constructed and convenient

Using integrated LCD Screen this door opener is expertly constructed to be easy to use, highly reliable and dependable in keeping your poultry flock safe from dusk until dawn including a built-in light sensor. The ChickenGuard Extreme can withstand the elements even in the harshest of environments while being able to lift 8lbs

ChickenGuard Classic Door Kit:

The Classic Door Kit is designed to significantly reduce the snagging that can occur when trying to open a coop door.

We use a beautiful white oak to create the runners, handcrafted by bespoke cabinet maker Anthony O’Shea. White oak was chosen by Anthony and his team due to its superior strength & quality when facing the elements. Without treatment, the runners will last between 8 & 10 years.

The aluminum door is cut by a specialised laser company that we have worked with for many years. The laser helps to reduce the rough edges that conventional cutting can produce. This is incredibly important when using an automated coop door opener as this will reduce the chances of the door snagging on the runners and ensures frictionless movement of the door.


Aluminum Door: Size: 30cm x 40cm / 12inch x 16inch (with a pre-drilled hole for attaching the string)

Oak Runners: Length: 60cm / 24inch

Treat yourself & your hens to a ChickenGuard

Automate your chicken coop door open/close time

Equipped with a high-end timer & light sensor, this chicken coop accessory is a must-have for your poultry flock protection! Set the time when the coop door will open, adjust the opening/closing mode depending on the time of the year and proudly watch your hens lining up for their breakfast in the fresh air!

Enjoy simple control settings

No need to be a technology expert to function your new chicken coop defence accessory! Enjoy increased flexibility in the time and way you want the popup door open, with automatic or manual settings! The large buttons are made for your convenience, easy to press even with thick gloves! With our simplified UI & exceptional engineering, it’s very easy to program and change time.

Up to 6 months of usage with batteries

Make sure the coop door is closed at a distance, thanks to the indicator visible from 100 yards away! The large LCD screen allows for effortless use, while the 4 AA batteries will last up to six months, saving you money and worries! ChickenGuard’s automatic coop door openers are completely safe around your family and pets. Economical, effective and convenient chicken door opener!

Super Easy Setup

Simply secure the ChickenGuard unit to the front of your coop with the fittings provided, connect the cord to the door, set the opening and closing times, and relax knowing your chickens are safe and sound.

Comes with detailed instructions in various languages


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